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Choosing Domain Names
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Subject: More Advice on choosing an effective domain name.
If you have been around the internet long, you will be on everyone's spam mailing list. Spam is awful, but it has a valuable resource of untapped information.

No, not the stuff they offer to make your life better with. There is a much more to the point life lesson you can glean from spam.

One of the most valuable is what kinds of names, words, spellings, etc.. they are using in spam.

Domain names:
Lots of spam sites have domain names that end with .biz or .info. So you know that most people with spam filters will filter domain names with those endings. That means you are killing yourself before you even got started if you get a domain with one of those endings.

Next is the words used in the name itself:
Forget all 4you names. Names like:,
Forget all names with Meds . Names like:,,..
Forget all Drug names. Names like:,
Forget all Credit or Finance names. Names like:,

All of those names have spammer written all over them...

You should pick a name that is honest. Has appeal to your intended audience. Has a catchy sound. And is easy to remember or spell.

Have fun!
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