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Subject: Re: Are several domain names effective?
In my opinion, buying domains merely to create redirects is a waste of time. Instead, i'd recommend creating nice, content-rich sites on specific keywords that point to your main site, which should have several keywords.

These small sites are not "doorway pages" or spam, they are supplementary sites. Owning them allows you to control certain keywords.

For instance, say you sell widgets. And say that there is a small South Pacific Island where the widget raw materials come from. And say that there is a fan club for widget collectors who collect only your old, out-of-stock widgets. And say that in a room off your factory in Boston where you have a visitor-friendly museum of antique widgets from the very first widget factory your great great grandfather owned.

Buy 4 domains.

1 is for your actual product line site. It contains links to 2, 3, and 4.

2 tells the story of widget fans and their collections -- allow the fans themselves to create forum pages, buy, sell, and trade, and post pictures of their collectible widgets. Every page on the site is legitimately (not spammishly) sponsored by (that is, paid for) by, with a link to 1. Also, there will be outgoing links from this site to sites 3 and to 4 .

3 provides a virtual tour of the old factory, with pictures of your ancestors, their widget-buying voyages to the South Pacific (link to 4) and also a bit of Boston history. Link 3 to 2 (fans come to visit the museum and might want to know about the special fan site) and to 1, for buyers of new widgets. Get inbound links from any and all Boston tourism sites to 3.

4 provides a virtual tour of widget raw materials in the South Pacific, with articles on environmental and ecological concerns, local culture, and the voyages of discovery that resulted in widget raw materials being shipped to Boston. This site has links to 1, 2, and 3, plus it should be able to receive legitimate inbound links from South Pacific tourism, ecological, and local cultural sites.

12 pages minimum per satellite site.

Have fun!
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