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Choosing Domain Names
DNS Setup
After your domain has been registered, you will need to do the following:
If this is a new domain, you will need to make the DNS name server names as follows... ** **

  • If you are moving your domain to our server from another service provider, we suggest the following procedure:

    Goto to the name server edit section of your registrar service and place your present DNS names in the 3rd and 4th positions, then place these names in the first and second positions. ** **

    We can start the set-up process as soon as these names are in place.

    Please be sure you have local copies (on your hard drive) of your web site content. Even if you still see the site you had on your old hosting service, it might not have propagated to our server. You might want to up-load your current or new pages while you have your domain pointed to both the old and new DNS name servers.

    After you waited at least 72 hours, then delete your OLD DNS NAMES from the list... Then visit your site again to see if the pages are still there. If you can do this new visit from a different browser or even a different computer that has not seen your site before, you will be sure you are seeing a live veiw of your new site and not just looking at your site from cache memory.

    This will insure that your site will remain in service during the transition period.
    ** Once you have completed the procedure above, click compare on the RACK and order the hosting plan that suits your needs. Prices start at $5.00 a month or choose the annual rate and get two months free.
    We will be happy to welcome you aboard our servers... Thank you for choosing as your hosting provider..
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