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Posted in: News | by Brian | 2019 Feb 08
Your Google
We at, like most people get tired of those annoying robocalls that say ”Your Google Listing is at risk of displaying incorrectly.”

We feel that it's about time to do something about it.

First of all, the calls are not coming from Google, it's coming from a less than honest service that promises better listings in Google search results. (They are violating the law by calling people on the Do Not Call registry.)

If you are concerned about Your Google Listing, don't worry. Google adds websites to their search results constantly. In most cases, without any intervention from you.

If your site has active content, then you are already ahead of the game. Just make sure that your pages are current, on topic, and relevant to your audience.

What does it cost to get listed? Nothing! It's free. Getting your site listed in Google helps Google, so they do it to help themselves first.

What should I do about the calls I keep getting? Well, if they say to press a number to talk to someone or to be removed from the list, don't do it. Since they are scammers, they only use button presses to validate that they called a live number with a real person on the other end. Just hang up, write down the number if you have caller ID and report the call at


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