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eXTReMe Tracker TileMate hack and save money
Posted in: News | by HANNAH KUCHLER | 2018 May 28
When the TileMate came out I was excited about all the ways it could be used like finding lost or stolen items, package tracking, pet tracking, etc... but I had a lingering thought about how is it powered? Does it self charge through the wireless network? and so on... Unfortunately, I found out after owning one for about a year, that it's battery was hardwired inside a factory sealed case and was not rechargeable.

The TileMate is almost useless once the battery is dead, but finding this out got me thinking about it's future possibilities.

I was thinking about the possibility of 3d printing a new case for it and giving it a rechargeable battery. Another idea was to remove the battery and hardwire it to the battery contacts inside my TV remote.
The only limitation is if there is enough space inside the remote's case for the TileMate circuit board.

TileMate Hack


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