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eXTReMe Tracker Scam calls about credit cards
Posted in: News | by Brian Taylor | 2018 May 31
Scam Call
Have you been receiving calls about lowering your credit card interest rate. The following text is a common phone scam.

”This is not a solicitation call. Hi this is the Credit Card holder award Center from Visa Master Card. We have been monitoring your credit card accounts for the last six months. Congratulations on your excellent payment history. You now qualify for 0% interest rates on all your credit card accounts. If you have completed this process or not interested press three now. Otherwise press one now to speak to our qualification department and complete the process the qualification process can be completed in a few minutes.”

Their message claims they have been monitoring all your credit card accounts, which means that they don't need to ask you to give them your card numbers. Why? They had to have your number to monitor them! Right?

Whatever you do, don't press any numbers. That will only verify that the scammer got a real person on the phone.

Credit Card Scam Calls


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