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Building a Wi-Fi network.
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We would like to know how helpful this page has been. Just like shareware, a little support from you will help us know how well we are doing. Even a dollar or two would be kind. Thanks Wi-Fi Page - Wi-Fi - Main
Wi-Fi networks are greatest way to connect computers to each other or to the internet itself without using wires. Allowing you to roam freely about the office, home, libraries, coffee shops, hotels or anywhere people congregate. With the info gathered on this page you can make wireless connections ranging from 1 to 10 miles. Maybe more!

We are hoping to make this page the best goto page on wifi on the net, so that you will come here before you go anywhere else. So if you have an idea that would be a great addition to this page, we would be glad to hear from you.

This page is growing, so if you didn't find something on this visit, just check back a day or two.

Find information on how to build your own long range wi-fi network connection.

Below is a compiled list of wi-fi resources that will help you get started with homemade wifi antenna using 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n networks.

If you are asking questions like:
OK, I want to use wifi, where do I start?
Where can I find a list of long range wi-fi info?
How to make long distance wi-fi connections?
How can I connect to my friends airport across the street?
How can I find an access point if I don't have a dial-up connection?
How far can wi-fi send a signal?
What kind of wifi set-up is the best?
How many types of wi-fi devices are there?
What is the easiest or cheapest way to get a wifi network?
I live 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere. Can I still access the internet?
What do I win if I link to this page?

We searched the internet for cool people doing cool things with wi-fi. This page will grow as we find more cool sites to add to the list. We hope you will find this list informative and useful for your quest for MORE POWER. (Tim Taylor)

All of the following links are to other sites are not under our control. We do not certify that any of the following is accurate, safe for product use or possibly legal in your area.

Please be a responsible and safe internet user. Enjoy!


Editor's Choice
This site DIY Poor Man's WiFi New Zealand 1 2 shows interesting examples of how to extend the range of a Wi-Fi USB Dongle. Ranges of up to a mile or more with inexpensive kitchen ware... Very good, better than cantenna if you have USB. USB cable can be 15 feet between computer and antenna. Compare that to an effective length of 18 inches for RF cable used with Cantenna connections. Don't forget, you can use ideas here to make modified veriations of the other systems found on this page.

Teaching old dog, new tricks. This antenna's design is an old one... going back at least as far as the early radio astronomy antennas of the 1930s. This homemade antenna definitely surpassed all of the commercially manufactured antennas made for Wi-Fi. Uses Home Depot parts. If you build the cone right, it should dismantle for easy transportation. Here is their latest entry: defcon wi-fi shootout - 125 miles

Here is a Steerable 802.11 Cantenna that allows you aim your cantenna via software. This is similar to those rooftop rotary TV antenna's except that you might be able to point at several preprogrammed hotspots or use scanning software to locate new hotspots.. Follow-up

802.11b Primestar dish antenna - ** ( 10 mile range )
** This antenna modification is for the IEEE 802.11b networking protocol that operates at 2.4 GHz. It can be scaled easily to the 5 GHz frequency used by IEEE 802.11a by simply scaling the dimensions on the feed can and the excitation antenna to 2.4/5 = 48% of the dimensions shown above.

The Future of WiFi
WiMaxian Revolution - Robert Cringely [UPDATED LINK]

Parabolic Systems
wi-fi shootout defcon - 55 miles
A Brolly Dish for AO-40 - Screen Wire Umbrella
Go to Rob's Airport Links - Primestar Related Page
Go back to Rob's home page - Primestar Related Page
Low Cost 802.11A Directional Antenna using obsolete PrimeStar Dish - - Field Test#1

Cantenna Systems
Tin can waveguide - Homebrew Antenna Shootout -
An Inexpensive Waterproof 14 dB Waveguide Antenna for WiFi - PVC
Original Pringles Yagi -
Pringles Antenna -
Update DIY 2.4GHz Antennas. - New Link - Buy prebuilt systems here
Pringles Yagi - (Requires sign in -- Use at your own risk of privacy) - Buy prebuilt systems here

Other Systems
Easy Homemade 2.4 Ghz Omni Antenna - NOT Cantenna

Antenna Systems
Overcoming Line of Sight Problems -
The Next Generation Radio Telescope -
"Radio astronomy" + "feed horn" + design + "2.4ghz" - Search
"Radio astronomy" + "feed horn" + design - Search
"2.4ghz" + "feed horn" + design - Search

WiFi Forums
NZWireless - Forums - Hardware Discussion - USB cable length? HOW FAR?! -
Defcon forms - homemade wireless antenna

Wi-Fi Products:
Vivato - indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi base station.

Web Articles on Wi-Fi: -- (Links may expire??)
First Look at New Long - Range Wi-Fi Technology -

Long range discussions Wi-Fi: -- (Links may expire??)
55 mile range -
War Flying -
Flickengers -
Lincomatic -
CookieCantenna - Link fixed.

Network Set-up Parameters
Airport set-up - From Apple
Airport set-up - Graphite Model

Related Info
EVAL: Apple Airport Extreme -
Directional position finding using wi-fi networks. -
Directional position finding using wi-fi networks. -

Bluetooth Mods:
Need a project to boost bluetooth over 500 feet?
Bluetooth a Mile Away <== Warning (POP-ups)
With a simple modification to a USB Bluetooth adapter, you can extend your wireless range to record-setting distances. - Linksys USBBT100 Class 1 USB Bluetooth adapter - Bluetooth Antenna Booster - for more Bluetooth projects

Note: difference between bluetooth and wi-fi
Note: It was pointed out to me that the info in this section is in error
Note: Waiting for up-dated info. Please do not rely on the following statements
Bluetooth transmits around 723 Kbps data , while Wi-Fi uses the 2.4 GHz frequency range... If your goal is high speed data transfer then Wi-Fi 802.11b (11 MHz data ) or 802.11g (54 MHz data ) is a better choice. If there are lots of trees between you and the other end, the lower frequency of Bluetooth might penetrate trees, where WI-FI is easily blocked by trees. You need the same device type at each end of your link.

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