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Posted in: Wi-Fi | by Brian | 2005 April 21
Wi-Fi networks are greatest way to connect computers to each other or to the internet itself without using wires. Allowing you to roam freely about the office, home, libraries, coffee shops, hotels or anywhere people congregate. With the info gathered on this page you can make wireless connections ranging from 1 to 10 miles. Maybe more!

We are hoping to make this page the best goto page on wifi on the net, so that you will come here before you go anywhere else. So if you have an idea that would be a great addition to this page, we would be glad to hear from you.

This page is growing, so if you didn't find something on this visit, just check back a day or two.

Find information on how to build your own long range wi-fi network connection.

Below is a compiled list of wi-fi resources that will help you get started with homemade wifi antenna using 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n networks.

If you are asking questions like:
OK, I want to use wifi, where do I start?
Where can I find a list of long range wi-fi info?
How to make long distance wi-fi connections?
How can I connect to my friends airport across the street?
How can I find an access point if I don't have a dial-up connection?
How far can wi-fi send a signal?
What kind of wifi set-up is the best?
How many types of wi-fi devices are there?
What is the easiest or cheapest way to get a wifi network?
I live 50 miles out in the middle of nowhere. Can I still access the internet?
What do I win if I link to this page?

We searched the internet for cool people doing cool things with wi-fi. This page will grow as we find more cool sites to add to the list. We hope you will find this list informative and useful for your quest for MORE POWER. (Tim Taylor)

All of the following links are to other sites are not under our control. We do not certify that any of the following is accurate, safe for product use or possibly legal in your area.

Please be a responsible and safe internet user. Enjoy!

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