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eXTReMe Tracker iPad2 review
Posted in: Reviews | by Brian Taylor | 2014-Dec-18 03:04:36
The iPad has intrigued users since it's unveiling a few years ago. Having a small
IR Port:no
WiFi:802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4+5GHz?
USB C:no
USB otg:Yes
USB hdmi:
Screen Size:9.7 inches
Release Date:Oct 2017
OS:iOs 5.1

lightweight keyboardless version of a laptop has many advantages over its bulky/heavy counter part. You won't get the full power of it's predecessor, but it's compact size will let you take it places you can't take other computers.

For web browsing, it takes getting a little use to, since some websites have features that require a light touch, but after you get the hang of it you will be able to do most things the bigger ones do. It will not run Flash applications which some of the hi-end websites use (including some game sites), so there is a lot of things you won't be able to do..

It also has GPS integrated with Google maps. Key in an address or business name and it will take you right there. It shows you where you are on the map. Have not tried everything GPS can do, but would be nice if it had a ”Find Buddy” feature.

You can get Skype and use it as a phone, which is nice being able to talk to anyone around the world.

The only things I did not like about it so far was: I could not view 2 documents side by side like I can using Simpletext in OS 9, which lets you drag and drop text from one document to another.. The other thing I could not do is open file sharing with my laptop running OSX 10.4.11.

When they get an open source developer kit, I will be interested in seeing how it will help me do development/control processes for my robot project.

eCommerce on the fly is a perfect use for this little 4G tablet, since you can place on-line orders anywhere you can take a cell phone.

Data Carriers: AT&T, MintMobile, will add more soon.
Overall it's a nice tablet, with a decent camera which allows you to tap the screen to focus on objects

With the missing compass, you will never be able to use Google Sky Map or Google maps 3d look around.

iPad2 vs htc Jetstream


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