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Posted in: Reviews | by Brian Taylor | 2019-04-09
unlimited data plan
When I first got signed up with AT&T, it was with a 3gb data plan. I had a difficult time trying to stay under my limit. I went over a few times and had to pay for another GB. What hurt the most was when I went over the limit on the last day of the billing period. Ouch! I upgraded to the 5gb plan which gave me more data plus hotspot sharing. That was great because I could use the hotspot for my desktop computer, but you still need to be careful what you do without going over.

Well, I came to a point where I had to start looking for a less expensive way to connect to the internet. I was looking for service providers that were less expensive than my current plan.

Some were less expensive than AT&T, but required that I pay for the whole year in advance.

Then I called AT&T and asked for the least expensive unlimited data plan. They came through!

I can get an AT&T Unlimited Data plan for under $30 including taxes and fees.

Since I just got a new tablet, I added insurance which will add an extra cost, but I plan to cancel the insurance after the second month. This will help keep everything under budget. posted this review. If you find this review to be of help, please share it with others.

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