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eXTReMe Tracker HTC Jetstream LTE/Review
Posted in: Reviews | by Brian Taylor | 2019 Feb 24
HTC Jetstream LTE
This was my first tablet. It is larger and heavier than the Samsung Galaxy tablets that I have, but well worth it's weight when
IR Port:no
WiFi:802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4+5GHz?
USB C:no
USB otg:no
USB hdmi:yes *
Screen Size:10 inches
Release Date:2011 Sept
OS:Android 3.1

you take in consideration for the extra time on battery power, manual focus macro/zoom lens, compass, USB with hdmi. I was able to shoot videos for more than two or three hours on battery. It has speakers mounted on left and right in horizontal mode which is perfect for watching YouTube videos.

With the macro zoom lens, you could count the legs on a lady bug, and read the part numbers of modern surface mount electronic parts. Just tap on an object in the image and it will focus on that item.

HDMI: At first glance, you would think the Jetstream doesn't have an HDMI capability, but you would be wrong. There are some hidden connections in the proprietary USB port. You need a special USB to HDMI adapter to access these contacts to feed them to a standard HDMI cable.

Video Recording: I have been making a number of video recordings and find it difficult to get consistently good sound quality. Sounds loud enough to fill a room sound muffled or so low that it is unintelligible. I am looking into a better way to input audio.

Data Carriers: AT&T, MintMobile, will add more soon.
Overall it's a nice tablet, with a really decent camera which allows you to tap the screen to focus on objects and do extreme close ups. and a compass that works with Google Sky Map.

It has a nonstandard proprietary USB port which requires special cables and adapters. It also doesn't support UTG devices. it's heavier than others, but with all that weight comes everything that you need for the real world.

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