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eXTReMe Tracker - Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement values our customer loyalty and we strive to earn your loyalty in every way, in everything we do. To this end we will only use your infomation for the intended/stated purpose.

What we may ask for...
In order to serve you we will need a certain level of information. Such as: Name, email address, postal address if something needs to be physically mailed to you.

When sending us email, you will need to have cookies turned on for the process to work. We will send a conformation link to the email address entered in the (email contact form) to confirm that you used a real email address. Email will not be sent to us, unless you complete the process by clicking that link. At this time, this is the only conformation email we send out. We had to take this measure to prevent spammers from sending spam through the contact us form.

What we wont do...
We will not ask you to confirm your registration info through email or a third party site.

We will not sell, distribute or share the information you provide to us with anyone outside of our company, (unless required by law).

Other than for legal reasons(law enforcement), your information is absolutly off limits to anyone outside of

We will not ask you to confirm your contact info through any site outside of If you recieve any such request that asks you to goto another website, report it to us.

Third Party...
We do collect payments though PayPal, so any email address that a payment is sent through, will be known by them. If you already have a PayPal account, then you have already agreed to their Privacy Policy and provided the information they require.

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