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Posted in: AboutUs | by Brian | 2016 Nov 30
Foundation is a Christian based hosting company. Our service, support, policies, and everything we provide to our customers is based on our commitment to serving the public in accordance with Biblical principles.

Treat others as you would have them treat you. -- No one wants to be treated badly, so providing top notch courteous service to our customers is first on our list.

Therefore, does not employ modes of conduct that unscrupulous services do. We will never do anything to violate the trust you have placed in us.

Terms of Conduct - All of our policies are based on conduct outlined in the Bible. We hope to serve all of our customers well and with good intent and hope to remedy problems before enforcement of policies becomes necessary.

========= Bottom line is ethics. =========
Ethical conduct is no just a theory but something that applies to everyone. Without a code of ethics, mob rule will run it's course. An ethical foundation supports a framework in which the most good will happen to the largest population. No one that expects to be treated well is exempt from good ethics.

We at believe the internet should be fun and safe.

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